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For Nathan from Jay's CD & Hobby

Guess what? I didn't write down the forum address correctly, but if you managed to get to this page, you can get to the forum by clicking on the link to the right. -->

All other ADT members can disregard this post, lol ^_^;



***Canceled for today (7/25). Will still take place on 8/1.

This Saturday (7/25) and next Saturday (8/1), we will be hosting an anime bonfire at Beaverdale Park (click the location link to your left for a map)! We'll be getting started around 5:00 pm! Can't wait to see you all there! Feel free to bring any games or fun activities for everyone!


Braving the rain!

Yes, the meeting is tonight! Anyone who wants to brave the rain come meet up! We can always move if is starts up! If you come later and we've already moved from the big table, call me on my cell and I'll tell you where we are! 641-414-6589



Congrats to Caro for being member of the month!!!

Anime party!

Everyone come watch some anime and play games all weekend!!! It's at el presidents' house, check the location tab to the right.


Meeting Tomorrow!

Hey all! Roxas here!
Tomorrow (June 29th) will be our next meeting. It will again be outside the Central Library at the giant wodden table/stage thingie at 6pm. Hope to see you all there!!


Meeting Cancelation

Well, I know it's sad, guys, but due to the possible bad weather, our meeting for tonight has been canceled. We hope to reschedule soon so check back with us! We'll keep you up to date!


Todays Meeting!

This bit of news is kinda short notice, but todays meeting will be held at the large square table in front of the Central Library at 6pm. We may move to a different location once we all get together. We hope to see you all there!


Preemptive Meeting

Want to be a part of Des Moines area's growing otaku organization? Looking for an executive seat in what will become a second Iowan Anime Convention?

Come to our "premeeting meeting" and get your thoughts out! We will be meeting at the Central Library Monday, March 16th, at 6:00 pm. Click the Location link on the right side navigation panel for more information.

We want to hear your thoughts! Please come!

Our first official meeting will be Monday, March 30th!